About Us

Established in 2001 this family owned Bakery began from home, baking Puerto Rican goods for neighbors, family and friends. Co-owns Yazmin Auli and Cesar Guzman originally born and raised in Carolina Puerto Rico Known as "La Tierra de Gigantes" partnered to form what is known as "El Coqui Panaderia y Reposteria" in Philadelphia PA. People from NYC, NJ , DE, Tx, FL etc. have visited El Coqui seeking the true taste and feel of Puerto Rico. 

We opened our doors to the public in 2007 on "F" & Westmoreland. Throughout the years our customer base grew significantly and we were able to re-locate in 2012 to a bigger place, located right off of Kensignton Ave in The Harrowgate Plaza 3528 I Street Philadelphia PA. We now offer Parking, eat in and a larger variety of edible sweets with delicious Caribbean inspired dishes from the famous Monfongo to the Hispanic signature sandwich such la "Tripleta".

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Missing our beautiful island, we tried to recreate what is known as "la panaderia de el barrio". If you have ever visited the inner parts of Puerto Rico the Mom and Pop Panaderia's were small and inviting. They made bread from scratch and served it warm straight from the oven. Inside you were greeted as if you were family! Our establishment is sectioned off into two sections. One side is the bakery where you can purchase freshly made Tornillos, Pan Sobao and Dulces from the Island... On the other side of the Bakery you find yourself surrounded with the Caribbean Crave of Rice, beans and all types of fritters like Alcapurrias and Pastelillos...



“La Isla del Encanto”

Our Beautiful Puerto Rico 

El Coqui

This small tree frog is symbol of our island, Puerto Rico. With seventeen species, the Coqui fills our nights with a melodious song, "coqui, coqui.." Their size fluctuates from 13mm to about 80mm, their favorite hideouts are highlands and humid areas around the island. Having disks at the tip of their fingers help them walk on any surface and their brown, almost transparent, color helps avoid predators. This small natural singer has become our loyal symbol and image to our individuality to the world.